May 25, 2024
PUBG Mobile Unveils Update Version 2.8: Introducing Zombie-Themed Warfare

PUBG Mobile has officially launched update version 2.8, bringing a plethora of new content, including a game mode centered around the undead.

Introducing Zombie’s Edge Game Mode

The new mode, aptly named Zombie Edge, made its debut for fans on September 5, 2023, and will be available for gamers to enjoy until November 6. In this mode, players can expect a thrilling experience filled with unique features.

Exciting New Features

In Zombie’s Edge, players will encounter a variety of exciting elements, including new skills, weapons, areas, and items. One of the key additions is the introduction of the “Aerolith Lab,” a setting that plays a significant role in this game mode.

PUBG Mobile Unveils Update Version 2.8: Introducing Zombie-Themed Warfare

Aerolith Lab: A Forsaken Laboratory

The Aerolith Lab is an emergency research laboratory constructed around the Aerolith area. However, a dangerous virus has infected this facility, rendering it uninhabitable for humans. Only a few supplies and terrifying mutants remain within its contaminated walls.

Among the threats are mutants, berserkers, and rippers. To confront these menacing foes, players will need special items such as Mutation Gauntlets, Mutation Blades, and Maglev Hoveboards.

Three Familiar Maps

Zombie’s Edge is not limited to a single map; it extends its thrilling gameplay across three well-known PUBG Mobile maps: Erangel, Livik, and Miramar. Players can battle hordes of zombies and mutants on these familiar terrains.

Weapon Updates and Improvements

In addition to the new game mode, several weapons have received updates and enhancements, adding more depth to the gameplay:

  • Addition of a Melee Weapon: The developers have introduced a small melee weapon called the “Belati.” Melee weapons now provide additional damage against PvE enemies.
  • FAMAS: The FAMAS has undergone a visual overhaul and attribute enhancements. It has transitioned from a standard weapon to an Air Drop exclusive.
  • AUG: Adjustments have been made to the AUG. It has been removed from the Air Drop category and can now be found scattered throughout the map.
  • ACE32: The developers have slightly reduced the recoil of the ACE32, and they have refined its shooting animation and nuances.
  • Mk12: The Mk12 is now available on all classic maps.
  • Arena Weapon Updates: Honey Badger and ACE32

The update also affects arena weapons, introducing improvements to the Honey Badger and ACE32, enhancing their performance and versatility.

These updates and additions provide PUBG Mobile players with an exciting and dynamic gaming experience, making every match more engaging and unpredictable.


PUBG Mobile’s version 2.8 update not only brings a thrilling zombie-themed game mode but also includes a range of weapon updates and improvements, ensuring that players have a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

With the addition of the Aerolith Lab and the three familiar maps, gamers can explore new challenges and battle terrifying mutants. Zombie’s Edge promises to keep players on the edge of their seats as they fight for survival in a world overrun by the undead.