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ADVERTISEMENT 2 online game 2 is one of the most famous game among IO games in which the players come online and play with multiplayer and dodges each other. The game comes under the genre of battle royal mode where players have to participate in the multiplayer and among them, one will be the winner of the game. There are dozens of the games what you can play on IO platform and the addictive nature of the game made you play for countless hours.

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The gameplay of Bonk IO 2:

You can play BONK IO game online in your browser’s window with just one click of the finger.

Remember, you need to put your name there and to get the game start you need to press a quick play button to join the multiplayer list of the players available online.

Now, you are all set to go in the live game, where others will push you up to the edges to win and same you will be doing every time.

In every game, there can be eight-player max to go, and the game will be won by the person who stands last in the game. The screen of the game will decide that who the winner is, displays on the screen.

Bring your friends online, join the game and start pulling one another’s legs. Let see who is going to win the battle and quickly comes to know the gameplay of each match what is going to be played in BONK IO.

Sometimes, you play really good, you sense the gameplay, but something out of the blue comes and takes you to the edge and you die.

You can use the arrow keys to move and jump and to hold the X key to make yourself heavy.

The key of every match in Bonk IO game is that when you become heavier, the momentum of you becomes doubles and you make it hard for others to push you to the edges.

And with heavier momentum, you can push anyone to the edges easily and other players will get it harder to push you off the edges.

Play unblocked it online:

As I mentioned it is a multiplayer game which you can play online, join hands with your friends and spend some quality time by dodging each other and laughing out loudly when one will be defeated.

You can use the in-game level editor to easily create your own maps, and then easily play on them.

In the same way, you can play on hundreds of the custom created maps by the community, and you can upload yours as well.

You can customize your character too, but that does not help you to stand triumph in this game.

Just hit the play button, and join the online community to play the best interface and themed BONK IO online game and make some points and rank higher in every game, stands triumph.

If you find this game not alluring you, you can change the section and go in any other sections of the website.

I have seen many guys waiting to play this game online, every time they try to join the online platform, they start reading and noticing how the game will be played and in the meantime, other players just pull them out of the game.

You need to be very sharp, with just one glance, you should know, how the match is going to be played and what can make a beat you in the game first. 


Bonkio is developed by Chaz, a London-based game developer who has previously created Tiny Tanks, Project Gungame, and more.

game Controls

Use the arrow keys to move. 2 Play Game: